Freedom Summer
July 8th & 11th, 2019 as part of the 2019 NYMF Reading Series.
Cast: Briana Carlson-Goodman*, BreAnna Collier, Jason Goldston*, Tyler Grigsby, Devin Hall, David Lerner*, Veronica Otim, Blake Price*, Talia Suskauker*, Nyla Watson*, Darryl Winslow*
Associate Director: Tavia Jefferson
Musical Director: Sam Columbus
Written by Charlie H. Ray and Sam Columbus

Dir Notes: History has a tendency to swallow up the ordinary people and their stories, that is what I took away the most from learning about the summer of 1964 and about Mickey Schwerner, James Cheney and Andy Goodman. Those are three names that you would probably not have heard or have read about in a text book, but their lives, however brief, and their sacrifice shaped an entire summer and were a piece in a very important puzzle that became the civil rights movement in the south. We live in uncertain times and so stories about struggle and adversity, particularly when they are hand-in-hand with the subject of race in this country, are not always what we want when we sit down in a theatre. However, the more I have thought about this particular point in history I’ve come to realize it is incredibly important we continue to tell these stories because our work is not done yet.