How To Talk to a Girl in Headphones

How To Talk to a Girl in Headphones

Swipe left… Swipe right… Send a wink… Blow a kiss… Dating is a new frontier of ridiculous emojis that don’t actually express interest or sentiment, and unfortunately no one has time in this “On-to-the-next” society to really sit down and get to know someone.

When I first sat down and read “How to Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones” by Adrienne Dawes she had a description of what a “Meet Cute” was and the part that struck me was “…a first introduction of two people who are about to fall in love,” nothing more than that – we are about to watch two people have a genuine moment with one another, without a cell phone or computer between them, and we as an audience are about to witness it live. Not on a television or on YouTube, but live and in person we are about to watch it happen and possibly remember the beauty and simplicity of being smitten and falling in love. How rare nowadays.

In sitting down and talking to Adrienne on the phone I asked her who she thought these characters were, and then I realized the brilliance of what she had done with this piece. They. Could. Be. Anyone! By giving the characters names like ‘Guy’, ‘Girl’, and ‘Another Guy’ Adrienne has left these characters and who they are up for complete interpretation, so we agreed that it is 100% about what each of the actors brings to the rehearsal room.

So I can equivocally say that I am so incredibly excited to be working on this wonderful piece by the amazing Adrienne Dawes, with the fabulous Wilma Rivera, Gianmarco Soresi and Khiry Walker as my cast, being part of the very exciting 1st Fresh Grind Festival with Black Coffee Productions.

Visit the show’s website at or BUY TICKETS HERE.

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